Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

Common Myths About Restoring Homes After Storm Damage

by Rosa Pascual

In some areas of the country, homes are regularly damaged by storms, which means homeowners are really familiar with the restoration process. In other areas, storm damage is less common, which means knowledge about storm damage is also harder to come by. Often, it is in these areas that myths about storm damage restoration are perpetuated. Here are some of those myths.

#1: Everything soft has to be thrown out.

Perhaps you've heard that when storm damage professionals come into your home, they'll remove any items that are soft, porous, or absorbent. These items are simply not saveable, according to the myth. But luckily, storm damage restoration teams can often save soft items, like carpet and sofas, if you act quickly and call them ASAP after a storm. They can use powerful drying equipment to dry these items out before mold has a chance to set in. Of course, if you don't call the storm damage team for a few days after a storm, then it probably will be too late to save the soft surfaces from mold.

#2: The home will always smell if the drywall is not replaced.

Drywall can definitely harbor odors, so this concern is not unfounded. Also, replacing the drywall is one way to combat these odors, and if your drywall has become more than a tiny bit wet, this probably is the solution your restoration team will recommend. However, if the drywall is in decent condition, your restoration team can simply paint it with a special, sealing primer. This will keep any odors locked into the drywall so your home does not smell. It's a much cheaper solution than replacing drywall that does not really need replacement.

#3: You can save money by doing storm damage restoration yourself.

Professional storm damage restoration is not cheap, which leads many homeowners to attempt a DIY approach. However, it is really, really hard to save money with this approach in the long term. First, renting the powerful fans and pumps needed to dry a home out the right way costs nearly as much as hiring professionals to come and use their equipment. Plus, if you miss any damage, your home will develop mold, which can cost a lot to deal with.

Now that these storm damage restoration myths have been busted, you have a better idea of what to do if and when your home gets overrun by a storm. To learn more, contact storm damage restoration specialists.


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Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

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