Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

Basement Waterproofing: Situations That Suggest You Need Waterproofing Services

by Rosa Pascual

The basement is one of the most overlooked areas in many homes, so problems often occur and go unnoticed for a long time. One common issue property owners often notice too late is basement moisture. When allowed to linger for long, basement moisture promotes property damage, compromises the foundation's integrity, attracts pests, and encourages mold growth. The only way to prevent or deal with these problems is to eliminate basement moisture through professional waterproofing. Below are common situations that indicate your basement needs waterproofing.

You Are Noticing a Musty Smell

If you keep noticing a musty smell each time you open the basement, you should know that there is a moisture problem that must be addressed. Usually, musty odor and damp air indicate that moisture has been lingering in the area for some time and is caused by leakage, lack of ventilation, or other similar problems. Cleaning the area and spraying some air fresheners will not help with the smell. It's better to get a waterproofing technician to identify the cause of the water leakage then seal it properly.

You Are Noticing Mold

Mold thrives in moist and dark areas that are poorly ventilated. If moisture or water is seeping into the basement, mold will grow fast due to the dampness. This will cause mold to spread in other areas like the vents, meaning your entire family will be susceptible to inhaling the spores. When mold spores get to the respiratory system, people experience symptoms like the flu or cold. Some people get itchy or watery eyes, start to sneeze and cough, get skin rashes, and have headaches or fatigue. The only way to ensure mold doesn't get a chance to spread spores throughout the house is to seek waterproofing services. The waterproofing company you hire will inspect the area to identify the water seepage cause and perform the necessary repairs before sealing the area.

You Are Noticing Rust on Metallic Items

Most people like keeping things in the basement. If anything made of metal rusts, then it means that the basement is exposed to moisture. The high humidity or water causes the metals to rust, even if they aren't submerged. If you notice that several metallic items are rusty, including screws and nails, you should get a professional to verify if you require waterproofing services.

Gone are the days when property owners used to watch moisture cause property damage. When you notice any of these signs, you should find a reliable waterproofing company in your area to fix the problem. The longer you take, the more the damages you will bear. Contact a waterproofing company for more information. 


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Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

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