Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

2 Things To Do To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Smoke After A Fire

by Rosa Pascual

If you are trying to deal with the leftovers of having a fire in your house, then you aren't just dealing with cleaning up whatever mess the fire left, you are also trying to figure out how to clean up all the water and how to get the smell of smoke out of your house. Even when you have done all the cleanup, you may still have to deal with all the smoke smell. So, what are some ways that you can get rid of the smell?

Positive Pressure

One thing that you can do is to take advantage of positive air pressure. That will create a strong air flow and that can help clear the air. The way it works is that you are going to get the biggest fan that you can get ahold of and set it up in front of your front door. You want for the fan to be facing inside. Then make close off the rest of the house, leaving all but one window closed. That one open window will give the air a path to go through. When you turn the fan on, it will suck in all that clean air from outside and push it into your house. Let it run for a while, and then go through each part of your house doing the same thing. 

Wash Your Light Fixtures

One of the things that you might not realize you will need to clean to help get rid of the smoke smell is your light fixtures. Smoke rises and then it settles on whatever objects it touches. That means it's going to rise up on settled in and on your light fixtures. You will need to take all of covers off the lights and wash them inside and out. You may also want to change out your light bulbs because they will have the same smoky film on them and every time you turn on your light, that film will just get heated up and put out more of that smell through your house. 

If you have had a fire in your house, you are going to end up having to do a lot of work to clean it all up. And you may still get stuck with the smell of smoke even a few months after. There are things that you can do that will help get rid of the smell, but if it never seems to want to go away, you may want to consider hiring a company who works with fire damage restoration so that they can clean everything for you. 


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Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

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