Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

How DIY Freeze Drying Can Help Your Water-Damaged Books

by Rosa Pascual

Freeze drying is usually something that homeowners don't think about much. Although some foods are freeze-dried before they're sold in the store, you probably only experience freeze drying at home as "freezer burn," an uncontrolled drying-out and toughening of the delicious foods you were trying to keep fresh. However, in some situations, you can actually use this drying effect to your advantage. Here's how freeze drying can help a water damaged book, such as one that got rained on or that you dropped in a puddle. 

Gradually pulling water out of the book

It's true that this is a slow process. If you have more than one or two books, you probably won't be able to spare the freezer space for the length of time that the freeze drying process will take (unless you have a huge freezer). Never fear, though; you can always hire water damage professionals who have specialized freeze drying equipment. If you do have the freezer space, placing your book in the freezer can be a DIY drying process as the freezer gradually pulls water out of the book over the course of several weeks.

Preventing further damage from liquid water

In its liquid state, water can quickly spread over the book's pages, soaking them and sticking them together as well as making them fragile, lifting the ink, and making them susceptible to mold. Freezing the books stops this process in its tracks, which is why it's so great for helping you take control of the drying process. Be sure not to put any hazardous materials in your home freezer (such as books that were dropped in the toilet or otherwise contaminated with dirty water); if your books are that dirty, you may have to simply replace them, and it's never a good idea to put contaminants near your food. However, popping the books into the freezer can otherwise be a great option. 

Of course, DIY freezing isn't always the best option; sometimes you'll have to call a professional. This is the case if you have more than a few books damaged or if the books are very high in value. Be sure to find an expert that offers vacuum freeze-drying with professional equipment, which will minimize further damage to the books from the formation of ice crystals (ice crystals can occur if you freeze the books in a home freezer) and get the books back into good shape as quickly as possible. Whether you do it yourself or work with a company that specializes in water damage restoration services, you can restore your books to their good condition.


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Deciding How To Tackle A Mess

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